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How to Download and Play Pokemon Go in India

     Pokemon GO is most viral game in United States, New Zealand and Australia, and now spreading to more the 50 countries including India. At first, Pokemon Go got launched in Hong Kong. Currently the availability of Pokemon Go is restricted in many countries, India one

Top 10 Tips to Increase the Internet Speed in Your Computer

     Hello readers, here the description is about the internet and its speed. Internet connection without speed is the frustrating one and It spoils our work mood. It lacks our interest over our work, which You may feel it’s completely disgusting. But no issues, every problem

How to Speed up Google Chrome Browser on Your Android Device

     Web browser is one of the most required Application for an Android device to surf the internet easily. At first Google launched Google Chrome Beta in 2012 which is a trial version for the Android 4.0 (IceCream SandWich) devices. Later they launched the stable version

How to Edit PDF Files in MS Word Document

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a best and the user friendly format for sharing documents and files. PDF is free software, smaller in size and it act as the multi-platformer.  But the disadvantage of the PDF is “read only”.  You can able to download, print, Fill it, viewing,

How to find original URL Hidden behind a Shorten URL Link

     There are many website in the internet which help you to shortening your lengthy website URL link. There are many URL shortening services like,,,, Google URL Shortener etc.  We have the chance to see small Shortened URL’s redirected to the other pages

Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget to your blog/website

     How it is looks like when the twitter bird flying in between your website, make your website more attractive than the plain web page. whenever the blog visitors move the cursor, The bird will fly according to the rhythm of the movement. Ya it is

Simple Tricks to Charge your iPhone or iPad Battery Faster

     In the older days while using the nokia basic mobiles, we can use the mobile for more than 3 days without charging. But now we can’t even imagine  in  dream also about our smartphone’s battery life. it can’t even stand for more than 3 hours.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Android Devices

Nowadays we are commonly see the android phone in everyone’s hand especially among the youngster. They want to download the favorite video songs, short films, movies, programs, presentations, events  ,funny videos, comedies, interviews from the you Tube.  But from the past days it is not the easy task

How To Convert a Image(JPEG, PNG, GIF) to Text Format Online

     Whenever the script is written in the paper , it is hard to send to others through  the mail. We can’t able to type the whole script . It will take the too much of time in typing and rearranging the font is the another