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Top 4 Ideas : how to decrease your Blog / Website Loading Time

Hai friends this is my first post in this new blog called Through this blog i am going to write about the latest technology articles, Tips & Tricks, So try to visit our blog regularly and give your co-operation for us, thank you.  Today we are supposed

5 Essential Chrome Extensions every Bloggers Must Have

     As a blogger we have been using lots of tools, applications for developing and maintaining our blog in online such as plugins, widgets, apps, software, etc., but do you know Google chrome which has been the most popular internet browser, offers plenty of useful extensions

How to find original URL Hidden behind a Shorten URL Link

     There are many website in the internet which help you to shortening your lengthy website URL link. There are many URL shortening services like,,,, Google URL Shortener etc.  We have the chance to see small Shortened URL’s redirected to the other pages

Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget to your blog/website

     How it is looks like when the twitter bird flying in between your website, make your website more attractive than the plain web page. whenever the blog visitors move the cursor, The bird will fly according to the rhythm of the movement. Ya it is

Top 7 Simple WordPress SEO tips for Bloggers & Beginners

Are you a new blogger or you have a new wordpress blog? and waiting for a real traffic from Search Engine ? then you must optimize the search engines by SEO (Search Engine Optimiztion). The proper SEO work helps to increase traffic from search engines like Google,

Top 20 High Page Rank Free Social Bookmarking Sites 2014

     Social Bookmarking sites are also websites which is helps to share your links, bookmarks other links, etc., It is very helpful for the bloggers.

4 Tips to increase Page views on Your Blog or WordPress

     Page Views is an important factor in the growth of a blog or website, because a blog’s income, page rank, SEO Status, and such things are depends upon it’s page views. For example, consider if A type blogs are get more visitors regularly

5 Ways for How to get more traffic to a New Blog/Website

     How to get more traffic/visitors to a new blog or website. Traffic is a very essential requirement for every blog whether is its income aspect or the development aspect, it’s not a matter. Over the  70 % of traffic of a blog is based on the Search