Apart from Facebook and twitter, there are lots of websites available in the internet. Let’s waste time in non-work related websites too.

Here in this article i am going to give some list of the website will entertain you surely with lots of fun.

1. Prince of Persia -Classic game to save the princess! Just play this game online for free, but remember to turn off the sound, or put headphones in. Not only is the soundtrack a little bit tinny, the sword swipes make a lot of noise.

2. netinyhand – Someone photoshopped these to make people have tiny hands.

3. Doom– Another flash game to Save yourself from the demons on this hellish planet, and shoot your way to the exit.

4. Monoface – Funny photo app game like create look-alike when you can build your own face Click to combine different eyes, noses, and mouths until you find a suitably funny combination.

5. I Am Bored – Watch and rank your personal favorites FTW.

6. showyou. – Best videos of the moment from across the web. They also have mobile app.

7. Wiki Races– A classic multi-player game, which you could argue is also informative.

8. pointerpointer -Put your mouse pointer somewhere on the screen, wait for few second to load. Someone point toward your mouse pointer with 100% accuracy.

9. magiceye– The trippiest shit ever if you manage to actually do it.

10. Songza -The site finds both audio and video files from multiple sources, and then allows you to create playlists and share them via Facebook or Twitter.

11. Pandemic– Freaky game like Choose a virus, bacteria or parasite, and as your disease spreads, you can use the credits you gain to give it increasingly lethal symptoms you attempt to wipe out every last human on the planet.

12. The Space Game– A mining and space-defense game. Mine the minerals in an asteroid field, turn it into a space station and avoid pirates while you are at it.

13. geoguessr – Based on Google Maps Street View. This game shows you various locations around the world. All you have to do is recognize the location.

14. Fly Guy – you can pop a kid’s balloon, get into a boxing match with a boxer with angel wings, use a copy machine, have tea, and jam with an alien.

15. zombiepassions.com – Best dating website and social networking website for zombie lovers, zombie dating, zombie couple and zombie hating.

16. Cracked – you will find yourself enlightened and entertained by articles like 25 Hidden Upsides to Living in a Zombie Apocalypse and 8 Ways Suburban Apathy Got Me Through Irene: A Hero’s Story.

17. 20Q – We played this games at school time .You need to think of something fairly well-known and then answer 20 questions asked by the program. In the process, based on your answers, the program will try to guess what you had thought of.

18. pointlessdiagrams – best drawing website to have fun.

19. find the invisible cow – Just as the name suggests, the objective of this game is to find the invisible cow by moving your mouse across the screen.

20. Pogo – Pogo is the best game for the 90’s kid. See if you can spell success in Scrabble, dominate at Dominoes, or ride the Reading Railroad to a sweet Monopoly victory.