Selfie Apps for Smartphone

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     In this modern life People are so crazy on taking selfies and uploading in Social Medias like Facebook, Whats App, Instagram profiles there is a competition to upload the latest selfies and in order to do that you got to upload awesome selfies.  Here in this article I explain few selfie editing apps with plenty exclusive features are available in Google Play Store to transform your pictures look more professional Beautiful and full of Qualities and also to enhance your picturing Skills. Now turn your favorite moment or your trips as more memorable with special effects and vast array of selfie styles. You can get a new level of Selfie Capturing Skill and Experience.

Best Selfie Apps for Your Smartphone:

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam is the best app to make your selfies and videos better. There are features like video selfies, snapshots, real- time beautification as well as tons of extra effects that help you click the best selfie ever. you can do with Photoshop, it’s amazingly effects like frames and collages, smoothen wrinkles, add blush, skin issues and red eye, etc. all issues can be removed with just a few simple taps on this selfie app for Android. This app available through the Play Store and App Store for free.


FaceTune is a great iOS app for photo editing and it’s compatible not only with the iPhone. It’s been top app of all photo and video applications in 127 countries from around the world. You’d like to edit and start changing aspects of the conforming your skin composition, yellow teeth also skin flaws, eye color changing, to make up application.


Retrica is the most popular FREE version selfie app among selfie lovers. over 5 million users using  of the selfie app. it’s really popular thanks to its simple, straightforward interface yet there are a lot of tweaks you can do with your selfie. With having more than 100 filters in a paid version and 50 filters in a free version. The collage feature and the built-in timer grant you even more options for capturing the perfect set of poses, even if you can’t edit them directly within the app.

Perfect365: Best Face Makeup

Perfect 365 is the best camera application for your iPhone, android device. The application has the feature of editing it with just a click so it is an incredible application for individuals needing to give their photos a dint of extravagance. The application packs with 20 different tools aimed at beautifying your selfie, regardless if you’re set on trying a new pair of  lashes or adjusting your skin tone. This app has the extra advantage of providing Daily makeup and fashion tips, Beauty and fashion product recommendations.

Candy Camera for Selfie

over 10 million downloads Candy Camera is best selfie editing apps for Android which got the  big credit among selfie lovers. This app features more than 100+ beautifying filter for a selfie and the ability to filter the pictures in real- time allow users to apply the filters before actually clicking the pictures. You always look and feel beautiful with Candy Camera’s filters.