best Torrent Sites    Torrent is a best web based peer to peer file sharing way to download your desired file for free. Torrent websites are the best source for downloading movies, games, videos, songs, eBooks, and software easily.  It won’t consider whether it is pirated or any kind of banned file, you can get almost any file on Torrent sites, and you can able to download it. You can share data easily but quite slower using this protocol.  Because torrents are updated on daily basis and are shared by lots of people over the internet, consequently building a sort of camaraderie between internet users, while giving it a sense of a community.

Top 10 Most Popular Free Torrent Sites in the World

KickAss Torrents:

One of the most popular torrent sites currently in use. If the link above doesn’t work, do not worry and just search for the name to find the current location.  Kickass design unique and simple, using it you can Download Free Movies without lost your important time. Kickass available in 30 languages and millions of US visitors use this website to download torrent. But still This site is also banned in many countries, but you can access this site using VPN, proxies etc.

Another feature is the comments and feedback section and you are free from the pop-up ads while experiencing.

The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is the best torrenting sites to download all kinds of torrent files for free. It overcomes lot of issues because of legal troubles and ISP blockades more than 10 countries. Users can easily upload and download torrent files. It has a huge database of latest and old videos, songs, ebooks and software.


Torrentz has been the leading BitTorrent, it is a free meta-search engine. It acts as a search engine to find other torrents, making this option technically. The site uses several domain names with .eu being the most popular. It will let you search for any file and will show results of other sites, which show available torrents on different torrent sites.


Extra Torrent is a very popular torrent site among users. The web design is awesome and user friendly. This site even changed their Domain name extension from .com to .cc to many ban issue. Anyone can use this website with or without registration.  ExtraTorrent continues to gain more traffic and has become one of the most active torrent communities. The site is also the home of the popular ETTV and ETRG release groups. It has advance search mode helps users to find expected files easily.

isoHunt: was launched in 2013, less than two weeks after shut down. style of this site is very impressive with neatly-placed content to Browse from various categories like Anime, Software, Adult, Movies, Music, Others etc.


RARBG is an upcoming torrent website in the world. Which collecting a large amount of traffic over the time. On this website you can’t upload .exe files. more popular in European countries. The strength of this site seems to be its strong P2P experience which a lot of new sites lack.  The disadvantage is reputation, alerting users to problems and scams. It is absolutely worth checking out seeing as it is updated regularly.


EZTV is the best torrenting site that specialized to download TV Shows for free.  You can easily find wide range of TV programs on this website and the average download speed is also very good.  You don’t need to register to download any files.


Yify is a torrent download site where you can free download torrent movies. It is one of the safest torrent portals in the world. It only maintains a record of DVD movies which are mostly developed with 720 pixels, 1080 pixels with 3D quality.


1337x is a community based torrent website. 1337X is a very well-designed website, with neatly categorized content. It has a visual appeal which compels you to navigate through the website. It is an ad-free torrent website with a more focused community-style P2P file sharing network.  Most of traffic of this site comes from UK.


Bitsnoop claiming to index ten millions of torrents at the time of writing.  This site hosts a lot of useful files and removes files which have a trojan in them instantly using its team. Best part, this site had a team which removes the Trojans and virus rich torrent files.  You can search and download large size of movies, games, software, audio and some other files free.