speed up the internet speed

                  Image Credit: Pixabay.com

     Hello readers, here the description is about the internet and its speed. Internet connection without speed is the frustrating one and It spoils our work mood. It lacks our interest over our work, which You may feel it’s completely disgusting. But no issues, every problem have some solution. Let us see the speed affecting factors and its solution for the internet. Your connection may be Wi-Fi or traditional telephone service, in both the case, your speed may get affected because of some factors. First let us see the speed affecting factors.

Have you ever checked your internet speed, First of all check it:

Many speed test links are available for checking the speed, it takes only a few minutes. So by clicking the link, know your net connection speed. While testing, be aware of Mbps and MBps. Here both may look same, but the difference is there in lower case/upper case and also its meaning. It is difficult to understand terms used for internet metrics.

  • Mbps means megabits per second.
  • MBps means megabytes per second.

Both describe amounts of data. 1 byte is equal to 8 bits. For ex: if your internet connection speed is 13.56 Mbps per second, to find out megabyte just divide by 8 which equals 1.69 MBps.

The Speed affecting factors may be:
1. Net connection issues- So restart your modem and router by turning them off or by unplugging their power cable. Wait for a while, restart it. It may improve the performance speed.

2. Be sure are using a good modem or bad one. Instead of blaming your ISP, check whether using a good modem? If not, search the new and better one and replace it. It may speed up your internet performance.

3. Line filter issue- Be sure, are you using high quality filters for the best signal. If your connection is traditional telephone service like DSL or U versed, be sure of the line filters with appropriate and high quality filter installed to analog devices connected to your phone line.

4. Weak signal issue: Are you using a WiFi router?

  • As much as possible, place your router and computer closer.
  • keep the router in open space.
  • keep your router and modem dust free and well ventilated.

If more devices connected, it lowers your speed because all the connected devices share your internet connection like downloading, streaming or gaming. So cut back the connected devices like Tablet, Smart TV, iPad and other electronic systems.

Tips to Increase the Internet Speed:

  1. Even some security cameras affect your speed.
  2. Please have good virus protection, Be sure your computer is scanned and updated regularly and check your computer is virus free? If not, install good antivirus and scan often. It may improve the performance. Because virus may damage all your resources. So be aware of it.
  3. Clear your browsing history.
  4. Be sure you have at least 10% free space available on your hard drive.
  5. Sometime your software may cause your connection slower.
  6. Close if multiple tabs and applications are opened. It may reduce your performance speed.
  7. Speed can be affected because of the length of your cable and its structure, so replace old one and use shorter and newer one.
  8. Update your modem, every modem has its own software. So update it regularly.
  9. Do you live closer to the exchanges? If yes, you are blessed with high speed every time. If you are far away from the exchange.
  10. One more way is to directly ask your ISP (internet service provider) about your speed affecting factors. He may find and rectify it through line test.