facebook security tips    Facebook is the most popular social networking site, where the users can share any photos, videos and they can chat with anyone around the world. A report says that the most addicted social network is Facebook. It is being a social network, so people use to access it from anywhere if they have time. Most of the people access the Facebook from various devices like computer, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, etc., so there is a chance to forget to log out your account while using in other device. This may lead to hacking your Facebook account easily and they can view all your personal information in your account. If your account is accessed by any hackers, there is a chance to misuse your account. So the must thing is that all the Facebook users should know about some security tips which helps them to protect their account from Hackers.

How To Protect Your Facebook Account:

Create a Strong Password:

While Signing up an account, the user should remember that the password must be strong. Keeping your account password strong is one of the best security tips which helps you to protect your Facebook account from hackers. If you have your Password strength weak, you should change the password into a stronger one. A strong password should consists of mixed characters, numbers and symbols, make sure that your password could not be guessed by anyone. An important note is that don’t share your password with an unauthorized person.

Enable Secure Browsing:

Secure Browsing is the another best way for keeping your Facebook account safe and secure from hackers. Secure Browsing helps to block the unknown applications, which have a chance to access your personal information from your account. To enable the Secure Browsing option, first Go to Home -> Settings -> Security -> Secure Browsing and enable it. After enabling the Secure Browsing, You will notice that the link of the Facebook will change from http://facebook.com to https://facebook.com. HTTPS is known as secure Hyper Text Protocol, which gives a secure connection to protect your account from sensitive information.

Private Browsing:

Private Browsing is the way of safe and secure browsing, which helps the users to do the browsing in a secure mode. Private Browsing is done by browsing in a new window called incognito window, which will not save any history of your browsing data. If your accessing any account on someone’s system, there is a chance to access your account through the history stored in your browser. To avoid this kind of misusing your account, you must use the private browsing to keep your accounts safe. Most of the popular web broswers comes with this feature by default and to activate the Private Browsing in your browser

For Mozilla Firefox : Go to Tools -> Start Private Browsing.
For Google Chrome : Go to File -> New Incognito Window.
For Safari Browser : Safari -> Private Browsing.

Avoid Unknown Links:

While using Facebook, the users may see some links on your Timeline shared by your friends. Kindly the users should avoid the unknown links shared by your friends, because you clicked any untrusted links by mistake there may be a chance to hack your account. This is one of the main security tips to be followed by all the facebook users. Adding to that, the users should not blindly accept all the friend requests from anyone.