Android Lollipop Features     Recently, Google came with a big update called Lollipop for Mobile and Tablet systems, which introduces some new and interesting features to the Android users. The new Lollipop update comes with the new features and the bugs present in the previous version are fixed and updated. Basically Mobile operating system is updated frequently in order to overcome the bugs found in the previous version, this makes the Android users to trust that the bugs present in their device OS will be solved in the next update. An important note is that the Android users are allowed to update the android OS updates on their device either it can be a Tablet or a Smartphone. A report says that Lollipop is one of the biggest mobile updates by Google in recent times, because it introduces many new benefits to the users through the update and the user interface was well designed. As a note, Lollipop is launched to overcome the bugs present in the previous Android version 4.4 Jelly Bean and to add any extra features to make the users feel comfortable. Here I am going to list the extra features added in Android version Lollipop.

Top Features of Android Lollipop 5.1:

Material Design:

Lollipop comes with a well designed material to attract their users, because nowadays smartphone users are increased which will increase the user’s expectation more. The material design includes the screen design of every dialog box, call menu and logs. It looks very impressive and attractive when compared to the previous versions. The animations were used properly and perfectly, which will avoid the Time delay. The Animations are perfectly used at the correct time interval while switching between the screens. The important note of Material design is that the color and typography design.

User Interface:

The user interface in Android latest version Lollipop is looking very impressive with its stylish design and creative animations. The main advantage of newly modified user interface is that it looks simple and easily understandable by the users. Furthermore the notification bar is looking attractive with its attractive designs and its cute icons for describing every action. The notification tab is vertically scrolled from the top to see the notifications from the apps which will be displayed neatly by separating it. Adding to the features of the attractive design, the app menu is also modified that the background image will not be transparent. This feature helps the users to easily identify the app icons in the menu.

Notification and Interruptions:

In the latest update, the notification menu design is almost fully changed and the functions remain the same. The main goal of Lollipop version is to make the users to do multitasking without any interruptions from calls, messages or any notifications. Incoming calls are notified at the top of the screen without interfering any user’s task. Likewise the message or any app notifications will not get interfered when the user doing any tasks on the device.

Guest Mode:

The Guest mode is nothing but the Android users can switch their user mode to guest mode where the guest cannot access the users account, including various like Gmail, Facebook, twitter etc., It will be very useful for sharing your device temporally with anyone which will protect your user account from them.