free mail service providers     E-mail has become a necessary tool for almost every internet user. Not only for the communication purpose, from creating a new social networking account to access an Internet banking feature, Email plays a crucial role. Having a mail id lets you to use most of the services on the web, so everybody should have their own Mail id. On the Internet, lots of companies are providing mail services for users and it includes both free and paid services. Premium services come with some extraordinary features, but for general purpose, free service is enough for us. Before you choose a service provider, you should consider certain things such as Reliability, Speed, Security, Storage space, Anti-spam feature, etc., Here you can check the list of Top 10 Most Popular free Mail services, which helps you to choose a better one for you.

Top 10 Free Mail Services On the Web:

1. Gmail:

Undoubtedly Gmail is the master of all free mail services on the internet and it is the first preference for most of the people all over the world. Gmail is owned by the Internet giant Google and it offers plenty of useful features to its users. By creating a single Gmail account, Google allows you to access most of their services & products without any cost. As a Gmail user you can enjoy maximum 15GB of free storage and you can send email attachments up to 10GB.

2. Yahoo Mail:

Yahoo Mail is a most popular free mail service on the web. It is owned by the leading search engine Yahoo. The unlimited storage capacity helps you to store tons and tons of files on a single account and you can send a maximum of 100MB attachment file. It comes with over 100 of the filters, which sort messages on the inbox automatically. If an account is not active more than  8 months, then it will we expired automatically. 

3. Outlook:

The Outlook is one of the oldest and popular free mail service on the internet. At very first it was launched in 1996 as Hotmail by three people and later it was acquired by Microsoft. As a user of Outlook, you can integrate your account with some of their applications like Skydrive, MS Office, Skype and also you can integrate Social media networks. 

4. AOL:

AOL is also known as America Online, which is an another leading Online Email service provider. Once upon a time it was ruling the internet, but after the arrival of the Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL has  dropped it’s popularity. But still it is loved by a group of people because of its simple user interface and such other great features.  

5. is an another web based best email service owned by United Internet, which is a German company. Users can get unlimited storage feature for every account and can send attachments up to 50MB. The amazing feature of this service is that, users can choose their mail id from more than 200 domains, spam & virus protection are the other features. They provide official eMail app for Android & iOS users. 

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6. Zoho Mail:

If you planned to use a professional looking mail service with free of cost, then you should use Zoho Mail. Zoho is a highly secured & ads-free mail service on the web. It is specially designed for the business people to note their activities with the maximum of 5GB storage.  It comes with certain ultimate features like Task manger, Calendar, notes, instant chat and some other business Applications.

7. allows users to store 5GB of files in storage memory and guides to send maximum of 50MB attachment files in a single time. The simple user interface helps you to find all the given features(Calendar, Task manager, Reminder) quickly. By using the photo gallery feature you can save and share tons of photos with others in online.

8. Yandex:

Yandex is one of the most extremely welcomed Free Email service provided by Russian Internet Company which offers a 10GB storage of your mail and you can read the RSS feed on the same interface without getting out from the Mail. When comparing with other free Mail services, it holds an excellent feature that it allows the user to import the emails through POP or IMAP access. They offers an official app for both Android and iOS Mobile users.

9. Shortmail:

Shortmail account can be created by sign up using Google or Facebook and you can set the Twitter handle username as your Mail address that helps you to avoid confusion about the username and the mail address. The limitations are that each mail can contain only 500 characters and the attachments are strictly restricted. You can connect your Gmail account in order to make your works easy.

10. GMX:

GMX is not a popular free Mail service, but it gives a simple User interface which makes the users to adapt their mail service by its reliable features like providing unlimited Storage and the user can connect all their mail and they can manage at the same time using Email Collector.