speed up chrome on android     Web browser is one of the most required Application for an Android device to surf the internet easily. At first Google launched Google Chrome Beta in 2012 which is a trial version for the Android 4.0 (IceCream SandWich) devices. Later they launched the stable version called Chrome 18.0.1026.311 with the release of Android 4.1 (JellyBean) devices as the default web browser. It has some additional features such as Hardware Acceleration, Gestures, Page pre-rendering, Chrome cast, Safe browsing etc., One of the main advantages of the Chrome in android is that the users can browse the internet as there in the Desktop version, which helps the users to make comfortable browsing by surfing in many tabs. Generally, most of the Android users are facing an issue that Google Chrome runs slowly while browsing through it. Here I have a solution to fix the slow surfing issue on chrome for Android Users.

How to know your Google Chrome Application is Running Slow:

1. Pages won’t load faster and it sometimes ends with an error.

2. Downloading speed is very slow.

3. Scrolling pages up and down will be sluggish.

4. If you are switching between tabs, it will take some more time to switch.

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Steps to speed up Chrome for Android:

Generally, each and every app on the Android device uses any particular size of RAM storage in order to work properly. When it comes to the Google Chrome Application it is limited to use 64 MB of RAM Storage from your device, but it is not enough to enjoy speedy surfing on your Android Phone or Tablet. As a user we can able to improve the performance of the Chrome by increasing the RAM usage temporarily. This trick doesn’t need more time because it can be done in few minutes. Here I am going to show a step by step process to Speed Up your Chrome Browser in an Android device.

1. Open the Google Chrome Browser in your Android device, it may be a Smartphone or a Tablet.

2. You will see an address bar which will be present at the top of the Application. On the address bar, type the following words: chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area and then tap the Enter key.

3. Now you will see a list of options, then tap on default which is a drop down box in “Maximum tiles for interest area” menu and it will show the choice and you have to choose as 512. If the RAM memory of your device has less than 512 MB, then its better to change the choice below 512 which will make you to prevent the Chrome from using your device’s whole memory.

4. Your changes won’t take effect until you restart the Chrome, to restart the Chrome you want to click the “relaunch now” button which will be at the bottom of the page. Then the Application will restart and you can experience the performance & speed of your browsing.

This method Will completely Speed Up the Chrome by increasing the processing speed assigned for this app in your device and it makes you to surf freely without any delay and error. In addition to that, you can also speed up the Chrome by doing some simple tasks like Clearing browser history, Cache memory and Cookies. Even “Incognito” window also helps you to make fast browsing.