Generally studying in a top level university is still a dream for millions of students, but some of them have got the lucky chance to study in it. Top level Universities provides quality education with the updated syllabus and they will make every students into a genius. So students came from these universities can able to shine in their fields as unique and they can emerge as a multi-talented person. Every country have some top National level universities, but it is tough to get admission because of the demand for the seats available in that institutes. Through this article, i have shortlisted some top rated Universities in California at USA. When it comes to education in USA, California has the large number of orthodox institutes so that’s why i came to suggest some universities in California which had a good reputation among all the countries. 

List of Top 10 Best Colleges and Universities in California:

1. Stanford University:

Stanford University officially known as Leland Stanford Junior University is one of the well-respected private University in the world. It was founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford  who is a former governor of California and it was established on 1891. The whole campus of Stanford University covers over 8,000 acre with 700 major buildings. It has been producing many Nobel laureates, athletes, leaders, scientists, etc., 

2. University of California Berkeley:

University of California which was situated in Berkeley is one of the oldest and most popular public university in the world. It is shortly called UC Berkeley which holds the highest ranked university reported by US News. This institution offers more than 350 post graduate and under graduate degree programs.

3. California Institute of Technology:

This Institute is also known as STEM institute because the total student population is very low compared to others universities, but it is one of the high ranked university due to their quality education provided by the faculties. It is first known as Throop University and later it was renamed as California institute of Technology.

4. Harvey Mudd College:

Harvey Mudd College is famous for their infrastructure which has many number of major buildings specially for research. It was founded in 1955 and it is a part of the claremont colleges consortium. This institution will encourage to search about the technical solutions for real world problems, and the research will be sponsored by various organisations like sandia Labs, NASA and Facebook.

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5. University of Southern California:

It is one of the high ranked university which was founded in 1880. This university produces many athletics, scientist, novelist, etc., In addition to that, it has produced many number of athletes for Olympics than any other universities in the world. It holds the record that since 1912, the only university in the world to produce a gold medal-winning athlete in every summer Olympics. Adding proud to this university, Neil Armstrong who is the first man to walk on the moon received his master’s degree from the university on 1970.

6. Occidental college:

Occidental college is situated in Los Angeles and was founded in 1887. It is one of the famous college for major departments offers from theater to cognitive science. It is situated near to Hollywood and many of the films are filmed there and it bags that the most filmed campuses in the US.

7. Pomona College:

Pomona College is a private liberal arts college which is located in Claremont and it was established in 1887. The Campus of this institute covers about an area of 140 acres which includes 63 major buildings. They provides several academic centers such as Writing Center – which helps to develop the writing skills, Quantitative center – offers tutorials & workshops to develop the quantitative skills, Foreign Language Resource Center – which guides to improve the language skills.

8. Scripps College:

 Scripps College is one of the oldest and most popular private Arts college for women in America and it was founded in 1926 by Ellen Browning Scripps. The main motto of the college is “Here Begins New Life” which represents that encourage women’s education. Routinely its mentioned as one of the most beautiful college campuses in America with colorful rose garden and thousands of fruit trees.

9. Santa Clara University:

Santa Clara University is described as one of the oldest private non profit jesuit university in California started in 1851. The campus that covers about 106 acres and it is located in the bay area which will add the beauty for the college. There are over 8,000 students currently studying in the college in various degrees such as law, Engineering, Psycology, Sciences etc.,

10. Pitzer College:

Pitzer is also one of the high ranked women’s college which is situated in Claremont, California. It was founded in 1963 by a philanthropist named Russell K.Pitzer. At first, the academic term of this college begans with 10 professors and 15 students who came from five countries. Later they developed the institution into a high quality college with many latest technology.