Valentines day is a most lovable day among the lovers & couples, and it’s celebrated on February 14th every year all around the world. Generally people celebrates the Valentine’s day by expressing their love in way of exchanging flowers, greeting cards, sweets, etc., to their beloved one. In that day there are countless of things can be done between a couple, but without giving a single gift the celebration will not be completed. The gift may be a costliest or a cheapest one, it may be an ordinary key-chain or a diamond ring, it doesn’t matter, because “A gift is worth a thousand words”. So you are able to express your whole love & affection by presenting a small gift, and now we are going to discuss about a list of top 10 exciting valentine’s day gift ideas for both him & her. 

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her:

1. Jewelry:

Generally jewelries are the costliest things but it is one of the best gift idea for both men and women, especially heart shaped jewelries are preferred by the maximum couples in these days. There are lots of beautiful designed jewelries are available in the market not only about the costly materials, even huge collections of jewels are also available which has made from low cost materials. The most popular gifts in the jewel section are rings, bracelets, heart pendant, etc., So get ready to impress your loved one.

2. Dresses:

Presenting dresses are one of the most traditional idea but it helps to express your love in a romantic way even now. Today there are lots of costume websites are available in online, for this valentine’s occasion they offers huge collections of unique dresses for both male and female and also you can buy dresses on the near showroom. Don’t buy normal dresses, buy dresses which comes under the latest fashion trend, so definitely your loved one will be impressed.

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3. Chocolates & Candy:

Can anybody hate chocolates ? the answer is no. Because chocolates are the most delicious snacks for everyone, from child to an older person everybody loves chocolate. So that’s only it has gotten the place in list, so surely anybody can present quality chocolates to your loved one. If you exchange chocolates, candy in valentine’s day then the memory will be turned into a sweet memory.

4. Greeting Cards:

Greeting cards are another traditional method of expressing love, once upon a time greeting cards are the most preferred gift idea for many celebration occasion. But after the arrival of the computer, mobile phone, the greeting card culture had gotten down but now it gets new face. Now you can design your greeting cards yourself with your photos, in online there are tons of greeting card websites are available, and also you can send the digital greeting cards to your loved one through online.

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5. Beautiful Flowers:

Flowers are the cheap and best gift idea for the valentine’s occasion especially rose flower. A single rose can help you to express your love, especially as a male you are able to propose your love to your loved one, because female loves roses. So that’s only in every year valentine’s day season billions of roses are sold out on the market. So be ready to surprise your beloved one through a bunch of flowers.

6. Personalized gifts:

Personalized gifts are the latest trendy and most desirable gift ideas among the people especially youngsters. Personalized gifts are the unique gifts which can be designed by an user, as a user you can design a gift for your loved person with their details such as name, photo, quotes, etc., This kind of gifts includes coffee mugs, photo frames, pillow cases, mobile & laptop cases, T-shirts, wall clocks, etc., you can buy these gifts through online among the thousands of gift websites. 

7. Gadgets:

We are living in a high-tech world and we use plenty of electronic devices in our day to day life such as computer, smartphone, digital camera, etc., through these gadgets we have been finishing our works quickly and accurately. So technology gadgets are the another useful gift ideas for this valentine’s day for both him and her. If your loved one is a gadget lover then try to buy a latest technology gadgets in market. Smart watch, smartphone selfie stand, headphones & speakers, security gadgets are the samples for the trendy gadgets.

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8. Soft Toys:

Generally soft toys are the best gifts for kids & girls, when it comes to the valentine’s day gift ideas, to be frank soft toys are suitable only for girls. Because they love these kind of toys so this idea is not for guys. The soft toys includes Teddy bear, Heart Cushion, soft bunny, etc., For this valentine’s season every toys stores offers plenty of soft toys and also you can buy it in online stores.

9. Sports Equipments:

Sports equipment is an another useful gift idea for both him and her. If your beloved one is a sports lover? then you can impress that person by presenting any sports equipments such as exercise & fitness equipment, sport dresses, sports gadgets, sport shoes, etc., If your partner is a cricket player, then gift a whole cricket kit along with a bat. You can buy these sports kits in both online and market. 

10. Books:

Are books are one of the best gift idea for the valentine’s day? surly books are one of the most useful gift idea in any occasion including valentine’s day. Generally books are the helpful tool to learn many things, so presents useful learning books which he/she needs. For example if your loved one wants to learn about gardening then buy a book about it, 

And i have listed some of other miscellaneous gift ideas for both male and female such as watches, cooling glasses, hand bags, wallets, key-chain, etc., If you are planning to celebrate this valentine’s day with your loved love joyfully, then try the above gift ideas.