As a blogger we have been using lots of tools, applications for developing and maintaining our blog in online such as plugins, widgets, apps, software, etc., but do you know Google chrome which has been the most popular internet browser, offers plenty of useful extensions for bloggers. Google chrome is officially owned by google and it gives multiple features to it’s users by the way of “Extensions”, i have already published an article related this topic- 10 useful chrome features you must know. Extensions are nothing but simple tools with software programs which helps to make our browsing perfectly. Chrome offers thousands of extensions in different categories, in this article i am going to reviewed about the top 5 plugins which helps bloggers to make their blogging better. 

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Bloggers:

1. Alexa Traffic Rank:

     Alexa rank is provided by Alexa(a internet analytical based company) which is owned by Amazon. It provides the ranking for every blogs and websites in online and it updates the ranking details daily which includes Global Rank, traffic stats(approximately), Number of backlinks, loading time of a blog, etc., The ranking helps to know a popularity of a blog or website and it determined by various kind of things such as regular updation, SEO, traffic of a blog, etc., Lower Alexa rank shows the success of a blog. for example if blogs has rank below 1,00,000 then it Considered as a good blog. if blogs has rank below 50,000 than it Considered as a supreme blog. below 10,000 are considered as most popular blogs. “Alexa Traffic Rank” is a official extension from alexa and it is must have tool for every bloggers, if you install this extension in your browser you are able to check any blogs alexa rank in any-time. 

2. SEO Status Toolbar:

     When it comes to the blogging, SEO is very essential one for every blog, because it plays the major role in the organic traffic which comes from the search engines like google, bing, etc., and also it indicates popularity & health of a blog, google page rank is the major example for seo. Google page rank is a number from 1 to 10, it is provided by google and it calculated by the number of quality backlinks. few days back google officially announced that it probably won’t update pagerank in the future but the existing pagerank may be retain. So this extension helps to know a SEO status of a blog.

3. AddThis:

     As a blogger we know the importance of social bookmarking and social networking sites, these kind of social media sites are very essential for promoting your blog in online. Now the promotion process is very easy by using AddThis chrome extension. AddThis is a most useful bookmaking tool for bloggers who use chrome, it helps to share any web page to over 300 sites such as facebook, twitter, google plus, reddit, etc., so you can share your article with various sites in short span of time.

4. WordPress Comments Notifier:

     Blog commenting is one of the best way to interact with other bloggers to learn many things from them about blogging. and also you are able to building quality backlinks for your blog by commenting other blog’s posts. But nowadays it has been misused by many people for only getting backlinks so that’s only thousands of spam comments we receives daily. Clearing comment section is one of the irritated talk for every bloggers, you can do it by using a simple tools. WordPress Comments Notifier is an extension which displays your blog’s comments as a badge, you are able to approve, unapprove, delete and also can make reply by using this extension.


     URL shortener are generally used to compress a longer url into tiny url which never exceed 20 characters. The major benefit of the shortened URL is, it is easy share on social media sites in multiple times. Bitly is the most popular URL shortener service on the web they also affer Bitly extension for chrome users, it helps to short any URL while staying the same page. And also you don’t need to login.