There are many website in the internet which help you to shortening your lengthy website URL link. There are many URL shortening services like,,,, Google URL Shortener etc.  We have the chance to see small Shortened URL’s redirected to the other pages in the  famous social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn where they hide the  full large URL  to the friendly shortend URL.  And mainly in the twitter tweets, they allow us to write only 140 characters. We can’t able to write the some other content or the chats while we are posting the lengthened webpage address, It occupies the more characters in the limited space. For those facilities we are using the Short link can reduce the Word count.


Find original URL Hidden behind a Shorten URL :


Disadvantage of the Shorten URL’s :

     In in the other side , Shorten URL link will become disadvantage, it is difficult to know what is the actual URL Where the original URL is hiding behind Short link.  We don’t know whether the the short link is bad or good.  Before clicking the link  where it redirect to, we can’t bale to check in the short link that link may chance to contain virus or malware,  Most of the blogg change the the long affiliate URL  into the short link and redirect it to their affiliate sales page.  Hackers use shortened URL to spread malware, virus and to hide phishing links.  Other will use these link to the adult sites.

Don’t worry !!! There is a strong solution for this problem. you have to know where the particular shorten URL leads to without clicking on it.

See the example of shorten URL from my site.         is the shortened URL  of            


If you are using Google Chrome browser here is an add-on that shows the hidden URL when you move your cursor on it.

LinkPeelr For Google Chrome -> Unlock the Chrome Extension URL below.

Most of the  Google Chrome browser  users use this link only.

Here are the other similar add-ons you can try on your chrome  Browser.


1. Expand – Chrome Extension
2.View Thru – Chrome Extension


For teh Firefox Browser  users , try to use this add-ons

1. LongURL for Firefox
2.Long URL Please


Online Services to Expand Shortened URL

Unfurlr is a project of MailChimp to protect against Shortened URL attacks. Unfurlr scan and gathers the technical details of the shorten URL without loading the content on your browser.


There is another two websites help you t