Nowadays we are commonly see the android phone in everyone’s hand especially among the youngster. They want to download the favorite video songs, short films, movies, programs, presentations, events  ,funny videos, comedies, interviews from the you Tube.  But from the past days it is not the easy task to download the YouTube videos.

Now everything is possible by the high speed internet service  through 3G ,WI-FI. Apart from watching the video with buffering videos in the slow speed internet network, You can able to download and playback the YouTube videos.  Here in this article i ‘m going to discuss about three simple way to Download YouTube Videos For Android Devices.


Download YouTube videos with your mobile phone browser:


It is the easiest and the simple way to download the YouTube videos on your android smartphone is to use the device default browser. You can  also able to download HD quality videos using this browser.

 1:- Search for a video  you want to download using your browser.


 2:- When it finds a video’s URL on YouTube, copy that URL.


 3:- Now visit or


 4:- Paste the copied YouTube URL  address in the search box and hit Enter.


 5:- Now search for the video and scroll down.


 6:- Select “Download Video (MP4) in HQ“.


7:- Here the video will be downloaded on your android device.


TubeMate YouTube Downloader HD :

     TubeMate YouTube Downloader HD is a free android app , using which you will be able to download YouTube videos to your android phone. it did not comply with Google’s policies and was removed from the Play store .It downloads YouTube Videos in a very high-speed and in HD quality. This app has multi downloading options too

.     Apart from downloading YouTube videos this app can also download YouTube videos as a MP3 .Share your video finds via Google Buzz, Twitter or e-mail at the tap of a button. You can Save favorite videos to your YouTube account, create playlists.tubemate  has the Multiple download resolution option.  Always try to use a WiFi connection better than using a 2g / 3G / 4G data connection to download YouTube videos using Tubemate. Because you are on a unlimited bandwidth internet plan , downloading YouTube videos will increase your data bill .


Dentex YouTube Downloader :

     Dentex YouTube Downloader is one of the handy apps which is fully functional and can download high quality videos of your choice from YouTube platform.  Dentex YouTube Downloader is an opensource project and you can use and distribute it for free.  The downloader converts YouTube videos to audio (.mp3) in addition to downloading it from the servers of YouTube.  it is the the easiest to use on your Android phone or tablet.

These are the 3 simple and the   best ways to download YouTube videos for your android phones.