In the older days while using the nokia basic mobiles, we can use the mobile for more than 3 days without charging. But now we can’t even imagine  in  dream also about our smartphone’s battery life. it can’t even stand for more than 3 hours.  Now we live our life through the iPhones by surfing,cameras, apps, HD screen ,games, music, youtube all consume our smartphone’s battery life.


     We always keep the iPhone in charging only. It is not convenient for all the time, sometimes we got irritated when  we have to go out for the important matter and our smartphone keeps more time in charging.  We can’t able to carry the mobile while charging or in less battery And we have no patience to wait until it charges.  But there are few ways to reduce the time of charging our iPhones. These few tips help you charge your smartphone more faster than before.


Tips to help you charge iPhone  quickly:


Turn/switch Off iPhone:

     While the iPhone is in charge, turn the phone off will helps your phone charge faster than before.  It will help you to reduce the power in other activity .

If you don’t want to set the phone in switch off atleast keep the phone in the Airplane Mode. Go to settings and change to Airplane Mode will stop your phone looking for cellular and Wi-Fi signals  by turning off all of the wireless radios .It will cut down charge times by no received calls , messages, notifications, mails, apps,no GPS data usage and no underground activity.

At the very least, try not to use your phone while it’s on charge. Lock the screen by hitting the sleep/wake button on the top right of your handset to give it a break while it recharges.

Another best tips in save the time in charging is

  •  turn off bluetooth and wi-fi  when they are not in use .
  • Try to keep the battery cool when it is charging or not.


Use  power outlet:

     While charging better prefer wall adapter i.e the power outlet, rather than via a USB port i.e charging through computer connected to the USB cable and an Apple USB power adapter.

If There is no way, you have only option of charging through the USB there are ways to speed this process up.  To speed up the charge  don’t sync your iPhone at the same time. Better  remove all other USB devices that might be drawing power.

There are very simple steps to save time while charging the iPhone.