Whenever the script is written in the paper , it is hard to send to others through  the mail. We can’t able to type the whole script . It will take the too much of time in typing and rearranging the font is the another big issue.  Another factor is it hard to convert the photograph , It is hard to send as the text. We need to buy and install the software , it will waste your money as well as the time in download.But now it is possible to convert the long script which was written in the paper may able to convert those words into the computer files without typing.

.You can convert the letters, poetry, newspaper whatever it is. you can able to convert those image to the text format.it is possible by the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) website. you don’t need to install any software to your computer to occupy more space. It is available in the online and mainly it is free OCR  to use and  allows you to convert 15 images per hour..

OCR is the best website t convert the image to the text format. this website will  Recognize text and characters from PDF scanned documents, photographs and digital camera captured images. Sometimes it will support the documents which contains the  multi-page files.  And the main advantage is it not only support the English. this OCR service  will recognize 32  languages.

Free Online OCR service  will supports the  image file such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF  convert into editable Word, Text, Excel, PDF, Html output formats.The documents will not only the image format , it will support also in tables, columns and graphics.This is available in window 7/8/xp

It takes 2-3 minutes process to extract text from image. There is an limitation that is to upload only image size over than 4MB. You can extract any language from the image. It is the vary simple process just follow the steps to convert image or pdf to text format.


How Convert a Image to Text Format Online :


Visit the onlineOCR  website




  • Upload image file which want to convert and should be lower than 2MB.
  • Select a preferred language and select the output format you want to download i.e MS  Word(doc),MS Excel(xls),Text plain(txt)
  • Finally click the “upload” button to convert image to text.
  • Now you will get extracted text from the image.