Are you a new blogger or you have a new wordpress blog? and waiting for a real traffic from Search Engine ? then you must optimize the search engines by SEO (Search Engine Optimiztion). The proper SEO work helps to increase traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., and SEO allows your blog to get a higer rank in Alexa. And also you can get a Page rank via SEO. There are two types of SEO’s are available in the internet, first one is On-page SEO, and second one is Off-page SEO.  In this post we are going to discuss about how to optimize the search engines.

Top 7 Simple WordPress SEO tips for Bloggers :

Seo Title & Description :

      Give a proper title and description for your every blog posts. The title must be keyword focused and it must be less then 60 characters. And the description helps to describe about your post in just 160 characters (maximum). 


Seo Keyword :

      Keyword is the major tool in the Seo, choosing proper keyword helps to optimize your blog posts in the search results. There are lot of keyword tools are available in internet for wordpress blog so use a tool for your SEO section. Don’t use short and long keyword for your blog posts, because it affects your sites development in search results.


Use SEO Themes :

      Themes are the one of the interesting thing in the wordpress blog. If a blog’s theme attracts readers, then it will drive a lot of traffic and also helps to increase page views. But don’t use magazine type themes for your blogs, because it affects your blog’s loading time and also it is bad for seo. So use simple seo themes for your wordpress blogs.


Choose Right Plugins :

     Plugins are the useful tools for the wordpress blog, because there are thousands of free wordpress plugins are available in internet in different categories. But alway use popular or most used plugins. For example if you want to get a seo plugin then choose “All in one Seo pack” or “WordPress SEO by Yoast”.  

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Create XML Sitemap :

     Sitemap is a page which having a total blog post’s links in a single page. In wordpress xml format sitemap helps to attract the search engine spiders to crawl you blog.  So XML Sitemap is very essential one.

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Build Quality Backlinks :

     Backlinks are one of the most powerful factor in seo. Backlinks means building link between your blog with other quality blogs (which have high page rank).  There are many methods for building link between blogs. for example if you write a comment in other blog’s post, you get a backlink from the blog.  And also high page rank web-directories are very helpful for backlinks.  


Use Google Analytics & Webmaster :

      Use the features of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. Google analytics helps to monitor your blog’s traffic and give accurate results.  Webmaster helps to listed your blog in the google search and detects the errors.