Earlier days we all loved to use “Internet explorer” as a web browser,because of the name ‘Microsoft’. Nowadays we are forced to switch over to “Google chrome” when the internet explorer hang up for some Google search. Apparently most of us started to use chrome as a primary browser. Actually “Google chrome” is a fast and fantastic browser as compared to any other. So download chrome and feel the fastness now itself. Try to use the following tricks to use chrome in an easier way.

10 Useful Google chrome tips and tricks 

1.New tab:

To open new tab, you can use right top of  the icon which is nearer to your working tab. short-cut is Press ctrl+T.


2.New window:

If you want to open a New Window, then Press ctrl+N


3.Pin tab & Unpin tab:

When you are working in several tabs, this will be more helpful. Go to any tab you are already opened, make a right click on it. You can get several options. Select “Pin tab” to minimize the tab. It will display only the icon of that URL.


Select “Unpin tab” to maximize the tab again.




4.Address bar/Omnibox:

In chrome URL address bar is also used as search field.  We can type what we want to search in the address bar itself .



At the same time most useful thing in chrome is that, it can also be used as a calculator and to do conversions. Try to check like below.





5.incognito :

    One of the main advantage of chrome is that “incognito” mode. If you are working in this mode, then chrome will never store any history to it. It can be called as security or secret mode. The cookies created during operation will be deleted when you close the browser. You can use this for a secured office email-ids also.

Right click on any link in chrome browser, go to “Open link in incognito window”. It will automatically open in incognito mode. For example if you have two Facebook accounts, open one account in regular chrome, then open another one in a incognito mode. By this way you can use two similar web accounts simultaneously.


6. Your favorite site as Desktop icon:

          To get fast access of our favorite site, we can have it in the desktop. For that go to wrench icon on right top of the browser, select Tools–>create application shortcuts.


7. To show favicon:

           One more way to get fast access to your favorite site is there. We can display the bookmarked sites in the toolbar by selecting the “Always show the bookmarks bar”, which is in wrench icon placed in the right side top of the browser. Now go to Settings–>Appearance. There you can find this option.

                But by deleting the site’s name from the bookmark settings, it ill show the favicons of your favorite websites. This will look very colorful too. Too add new sites to bookmark, open new tab, then go to wrench icon–>bookmarks–>bookmark this page. The following box will open.



 8. Auto filling:

              To fill any web forms,this option is very useful. If you are filling any statements again and again , for example the address will repeat in more forms. For this problem, Chrome has the solution. That is, it will memorize the statements, then repeat it automatically.

              Go to wrench icon, select options–>Personal stuff–>”Auto fill options”. Now by selecting”Add address” we can fill the address details in it. It will automatically fill-ups your details. But if you are not trusting about any computer, don’t go with it for a security purpose.


9.Your own Chrome settings in multiple computers:

               This is the greatest advantage of chrome . If you are having more than one system, that is Home, College, Office, etc., you want to work in same environment. For this we can carry Chrome settings ith you, wherever you go. Set all settings, for example, bookmarks,themes,settings,etc., on your chrome browser in one system. Now select “sign in chrome” option by clicking on wrench icon.

          This will ask your Google username and password. By entering this details, it will save your chrome settings. After went to college or office open the second system. By signing in your account you can get all the settings which is similar to your home computer. But for security purpose don’t do it with the computer, you may not believe.

 10. Show Home button:

In chrome there is no home button available in tool bar. If you want to have home button in toolbar list, Go to settings–>Appearance–>Select “Show home button”. Now  the “Home” button displayed in-front of the URL field. This will help you to go to your home page quickly.