Page Views is an important factor in the growth of a blog or website, because a blog’s income, page rank, SEO Status, and such things are depends upon it’s page views. For example, consider if A type blogs are get more visitors regularlyand it’s earnings are very low, because they did not got more page views. And consider B type blogs are receives average visitors regularly and it’s income was very decent, because page views has received the B type blogs are more than the A type blogs. So that’s only there is a big difference between these two kind of blogs. Repeated visitors are also matters in the page view, because they also helps to increase more views. There are several reasons for getting low page views in a blog. Here we have listed some important factors for increasing page views.

4 Tips to increase Page views on Your Blog :

1. Quality Content : 

Low quality content is a major reason for decreasing the page/low page views of a blog. Even if a blog has minimum posts with a quality content, it will attract the visitors and Inductive to read 2 to 3 articles extra after reading the first article. If a blog has a large number of posts with low quality content then it is really hard to increase the page views, because people are ready to give respect to the useful articles. And also quality content helps to increase the SEO Status of a blog, according to a recent SEO research, Google search gives important to a blog which offers articles with over 2000 words. So understand that why the long article can get the first place in the google search results, so every time try to write interesting and useful posts. That means write articles for the readers not for the crawling bots. 

2. Related Posts :

Displaying related posts (related contents) are the best way to increase page views in a blog.  When it comes to the content recommendation there are hundreds of free related post plugins are available in online for bloggers such as nrelate, linkwithin, yet another related posts plugin, wp-thumbie, contextual related posts, etc.,. By using these kind of plugins you are able to display the most related contents along with the thumbnail images for every blog posts. In my early days of blogging i have noticed that the page views was increased when i use the related posts feature. 

3. Loading Time : 

Whether it is blogger blog (or) wordpress blog, when it comes to the theme don’t use grand level themes. The grand theme includes magazine theme, featured theme, gallery type theme, etc., it takes more time to load due to it’s memory. When you use a big theme then there is a chance for that the visitors got irritated while browsing the blog. and always use important plugins and widgets avoid useless plugins, it is advisable for all. finally it is clear that the the light weight theme is always better.

4. Build Internal Link : 

      Internal link building is one of the useful strategy for increase the page views. If you are going to write a new article then try to insert 3-5 article’s links which is related to the current topic, it helps the reader to know more about the same topic. By using this as a blogger we are able to keep the readers on our blog for few minutes, so it is also useful to decrease the bounce rate. And internal link building is one of the major strategy in the SEO aspect, because building links between the article in a same blog helps to spread the SEO power. Then the search ranking of the blog will be increased.