Nowadays Online Shopping is one of the most famous shopping method among the people in the world. Because it saves our golden time and money, this is the major advantages of the Online Shopping. And also you can choose a product among thousands of brands and categories in sitting your home itself.Like the above one it contains lots of features such as, easy to compare brands and price, you do not need to wait a long time (or) long queue for purchase a product. Simply make order in internet and the product will be delivered to  your home. And when it come to the payment in online shopping there are two kind of methods are available first one is credit payment that means issue the payment while making the purchase. Another one is “Cash on Delivery” it means you can make the payment while receives the product which you have ordered in earlier.

Top 5 Best Online Shopping Websites in the World :

1. Amazon:

      Amazon is the No.1 Online Shopping Website in the world, it was founded in the year 1995 by MR. Jeff Bezos. In this website you can purchase things in multiple categories and different brands, and you can pay in various payment methods. Initially amazon was started for selling books only but after seeing it’s growth the officials have stared to sell everything. It also provide different kinds of offers to it’s customers in the festival season. The another reason behind the popular of the amazon is the “Affiliate Program” which helps the users to make money by referring the things on amazon with someone in online.

2. Ebay:

      eBay is one the popular E-Shopping portal after the giant Amazon. It was founded in 1995 by MR. Pierre Morad Omidyar.  Here you are able to purchase variety of things in thousands of popular brands with special offer price. This is the best website for both buyers and sellers because as a user you can make sales by displaying your products in this website. The specialty of this site is the “Auction” is as a buyer you can buy a product for very low price by way of joining the auction, everyday thousands of people have bought products by just paying little bit money.

3. Walmart:

      In 1962 walmart stores was founded in US by MR. Sam Walton, now it is one of the leading Ecommerce Website in the internet. It earns more than 500 billion US Dollars. It offers Discount coupons, free shipping, special offers everyday so it is possible to maintain your budget. Through this portal you can buy lots of things such as electronics goods, jewelries, clothes, gift items, softwares, etc.,  Walmart is popular for it’s traditional service, yes they have been continuing the service till now.

4. Alibaba:

      Alibaba is a popular Online shoping website from the nation China, founded by MR. Jack Ma. It started to serve for general public in 2007 only, but in the recent years it gets Gigantic growth. It is a B2B based E-commerce site that means Business -to -Business, frankly said wholesalers to retailers that’s it. The biggest drawback is that we can’t purchase any product in single quantity.

5. Flipkart

      Flipkart is an another popular Ecommerce portal which is a Indian based site, so it is mostly popular in asian countries only. At the starting it sales only books in the online, after being popular it started to sell multiple things like Electronic gadgets, Accessories, Home appliances, Footwears, Softwares, Movie CD’s, etc. In these days flipkart serves many exciting offers for it’s customers by way of popular it’s service in global level.