Twitter Android app     Smartphone helps the users to get connected with many people through Social media network, which will entertain and provide communication between two or more persons. There are lots of social media networks in the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, etc., Among them Twitter is one of the most popular and useful networks, which it allows the users to interact with others in order to build the communication between the people. It provides some excellent features such as sharing photos and videos, interacting with the friends, showing the trending topics, etc., By a statistic most of the users on Twitter are accessing it through the Smartphones. So the Twitter officially launched their app for smartphones running on various platforms includes Android, iOS and windows. There are many Twitter clients for accessing it from smartphones, but their official app is much greater than the all other apps by providing extra features and easy management.

Features of Twitter official Android App:

Easy and Reliable:

It is an official app for smartphone from the Twitter team, so you won’t worry about the security measures in it. When compared to all other Twitter clients, their official app is the most secured application in which the user records are also will be safe. It provides some additional features and makes the users to handle it easily without needing any guidance. This app provides the tabs at present in the Desktop version, which will make the users not to be confused.

Sharing Photos and Videos:

As a user, you can share unlimited number of photo, Gif and video files in order to share their feelings with others. Every user allows to post unlimited number of tweets and the user can have the choice of appreciating others tweets by doing Favorites and Retweets. The communication between people will helps for entertainment, Business and promotions. Almost all the celebrities joined in Twitter than any other social network, because it is more secure than the other networks.

Trending Topic:

Twitter has an excellent feature which is not in other social networks is that it show s the trending topics in the world by tracking the # hashtag tweeted by the tweeps. It is very useful for the users to update about the latest news happening around the world. The trends can be changed to various places by the users to know about the current trending topics in a particular place.

Followers and Following:

Followers is nothing but the people following your account, if you tweet something, then it will reach all your followers following your account. Following is the lists that you are following a set of people to receive their tweets. If a mutual follow back held between two people, then they can be get connected through Direct Message which is more privacy.

Twitter is the most popular among the Internet, because celebrities are prefers to use this network for getting updated and to interact with their fans supporting them. If you had not time to use the twitter account in your computer, try this app which will gives you a better results as getting in your computer. Probably Twitter is one of the most useful social networks in the world that keeps you update about the world.

Best Features of Twitter Android App :

  • One of the Popular Social Networking App for Android.
  • More than 12,00,000 downloads in Google play.
  • Best way to connect your friends and express yourself.
  • You can share photos and videos easily.
  • Get latest News Updates, Photos and videos in your timeline.
  • Easy to install and access. 

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