increase blog traffic     How to get more traffic/visitors to a new blog or website. Traffic is a very essential requirement for every blog whether is its income aspect or the development aspect, it’s not a matter. Over the  70 % of traffic of a blog is based on the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on, but when it comes to the traffic in a new blog it’s really hard to get the readers from search. Because new blogs are did not have the SEO power, so Search Engines can’t send the traffic to new blogs. So you will need some regular works for develop the SEO Rank and wait sometime for getting traffic from search. So today post i have suggest some tips for get more traffic for your new blog.

How to get more traffic to a New Blog :

  • Update Regularly :

      A new blog or a website did not have the enough content for getting traffic or earn income. So regular updates are very very essential, because it is the major way to get the ranking in search engines. for example, if you have a 1 month blog with more than 20 posts, you can get visitors or traffic easily and quickly, but you have only few posts you will be troubled to generate traffic.  So first make sure that you update your blog regularly like Daily, 4 times in weekly, or weekly twice, once a month, etc., So the frequently of time is very essential for a new blog.

  • Make Link-Building : 

      Link-Building is a very important function in the aspect of SEO for every blogs especially new blogs. You can link your blog with related niches by doing some great work such as, adding valuable comments on their blog posts, writing guest posts for other blogs, etc.,  and also you can get quality back-links from some high page rank directories and do follow websites, social bookmarking sites.  Internal link building is also helps for SEO that means build the links between the posts in your blog.

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  • Video Marketing :

     Video marketing is a one of the best way to promote your new blog in the internet, there are large number video sharing websites are available in online. First make a video(with minimum of 5 minutes) about your blog niche or your services, and add your blog url in the video, then finally upload a video in youtube, metacafe and other popular video websites.  Now you are able to get quality back-links as well as decent traffic for your blog.

  • Write some Guest Posts :

      This is a lovable way among the maximum bloggers to promote their blog. First find some blogs which is related to your niche and ask the permission of the admin for guest bloggin. and write some brief guest post in related niche and add your url then publish it in their. Once your post was gets popular or watched by many peoples, you will be get incredible traffic from those niches.  So be ready to write some great posts for other blogs.

  • Share your Post on Social Networking Sites : 

      This one of the easiest way to get more traffic to your new blog. Nowadays social networks like, facebook and twitter are have millions of millions users, so you can use this opportunity. In my blogging carrier i have received many visitors through facebook which is the second highest traffic source after the Google search. If you have more contacts in these networks you can get ultimate traffic to your blog by sharing your posts with others.  This works takes only few minutes but it will work for long days. so build more audience and receive more traffic in short period of time.