opera android browser     The Web browser is one of must have application for the smartphone users in order to access the internet quickly & easily. When it comes to the Browser App for Android there are tons of free Apps are available in the google play store, but now I am going to introduce the best & comfortable browser app for Android called Opera Mini. Opera Mini is a World’s fastest Android Browser with more than 250 million users in world wide. The popularity of this software is completely based on its performance That means it takes quick loading time and consume a low amount of data, which is very low (it reduce 70 % of data cost) compared with all other popular browser Applications. It offers stylish and clear layout, so anyone can access it easily. The Speed Dial option is used to bookmark your favorite websites, you can add unlimited websites.

Enjoy the Speed Browsing:
According to a recent report, Opera Mini is the best mobile browser for all kinds of smartphones & tablets, especially Android. By using this App you can enjoy the super fast browsing experience which you have never experienced before. So you can able to download more content in a short period of time. Even with slow internet connection. It gives you the ultimate browsing performance and it lets you to make safe browsing whenever you access the internet.

Share your Bookmarks:
Do you want to send your bookmark files from your Smartphone to other devices(Mobile, Tablet or computer) then you can do it by just using the Sync and Share feature, which was the inbuilt feature on this App. It doesn’t need long time to share your favorite bookmark lists between two devices.

Instant Search:
Opera is specially designed to make your search even simpler. Yes you can easily make web search by just using few gusture controls(its depends on your device) even you are using an another App. So every time you don’t need to open browser in order to searching on the web.

Private-Browsing Mode:
If you want to use safe browsing then use the full benefits of “Private-Browsing Mode” which let you to make safe browsing without saving your browsing history. If you use this mode, then anybody can’t able to trace your browsing details.

Regular Updates:
As a user of this App you can able to update yourself with the current news. It brings you the latest news all around your world in different categories such as Technology, Political, Sports, Weather. You can get these updates on the home page of the browser.

Speed Dial:
The Speed Dial feature helps you to keep your favorite websites always closer to you. If you want to add a webpage in the Speed Dial then just click the (+) button or click the heart icon(which is located top side) that’s it, the page was saved. And you can find it any time on the speed dial.

Best Features of Opera Mini Browser :

  • The most Fastest Android Web Browser in the World.
  • It consumes less data, so you can save money by using this App
  • Clear layout gives an attractive view, so anyone can use easily.
  • Easy to connect with internet.
  • Bookmark your favorite Websites in speed dial.
  • There is no limit for Bookmark.
  • The smart-page delivers the latest Facebook & Twitter updates, Latest News.
  • Save your favorite pages, and read later.
  • With this browser you can download any files easily. 

Download Link – Opera Mini Android Browser