The laptop specialist and most popular laptop brand Acer released its first chromebook called Acer Chromebook C720 with advanced features. It was launched on September 2013, which reaches the market as soon with huge results from the buyers all around the globe. The buyers left some good comments on this laptop. but still some more improvement to be done to increase the processing speed. Here I am coming to review about the brand new Acer C720 Chromebook by briefly describing its full specifications.

Features of Acer Chromebook C720:


By default It was build with Linux (Chrome OS) which is a more advanced Operating System and it provides a simple user interface which helps the user to handle without any difficulty. It is available only in Black color and it has a pointing device called Track pad which acts as a mouse.

Body and Design:

It is well designed to impress more buyers by its fantastic look and its beautiful finishing around the edges. It is easy to carry out and it can be gently held by the hands because of its well planned exterior design. It is designed in the form of an Ultraportable which is a subnotebook weighs lighter than the other basic notebook. Sometimes the exterior look will get confused with the design of the Tablet, because the body is that more attractive than the tablet.


The screen is a little bit small when compared to other models, because as i said earlier that it is designed like a Tablet where the screen size is smaller than the Normal Laptop. The Screen resolution is about 1366 x 768 pixels and it can supports aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen type is much impressive, because it is designed with LCD with backlit.


This model is designed to run on Intel Processor, which gives a additional features to it. It provides a CPU family named Celeron which gives the maximum processing speed to increase the performance of the system. The processor speed is about 1.4 GHz, which is low when compared to all other devices released in the year 2013.


Memory plays a vital role in the latest technology and people expecting a larger memory to store their files, photos, videos, etc., in their laptop to entertain themselves whenever they need. This model provides a system memory of 2 GB and it gives the hard disk memory of 32 GB Hard drive. The type of the RAM storage is DDR3, where the latest models are coming up with this type of RAM.


The main and efficient feature for the laptop is the Battery, Some brand fails to give a quality battery to stand up whenever you are far away from the electricity. But in this model it was well designed and they provided a 3950 mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery which can stands upto 8.5 hours. This attracts the buyers to choose this model.


This model provides with a USB 3.0 hub and a MicroSD memory card reader which can able to read the files inside the MicroSD memory card. It also comes with WI-FI connectivity and mobile broadband connection.